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序号 作者               论文名称    期刊名称 CN刊号或ISSN号   卷(期) 年 月 排序 备注
1 沈文国 Existence of Nodal Solutions of a Nonlinear Fourth-Order Two-Point boundary value problem Boundary Value Problems ISSN:1687-2770 2012(1),2012.01 1-1 SCI
2 沈文国 Global structure of nodal solutions for a fourth-order two-point boundarvalueproblem Applied Mathematics and Computation ISSN:0096-3003 219(01),2012.09 1-1 SCI
3 沈文国 Bifurcation from interval and positive solutions for a class of fourth-order two-point boundary value problem Boundary Value Problems ISSN:1687-2770 2013(7),2013.07 1-2 SCI
4 张培增 Fabrication of ZnO nanoparticles-embedded hydrogenated diamond-like carbon films by electrochemical deposition technique Chinese Physics B ISSN:1674-1056 22(05),2013 1-4 SCI
5 沈文国 Global structure of positive solutions for a singular fourth order integral boundary value problem Discrete Dynamics in Nature and Society ISSN:1026-0226 2014(1),2014.01 1-2 SCI
6 王志龙 A Hybrid Forecasting Model Based on Bivariate Division and aBackpropagation Artificial Neural Network Optimized by Chaos Particle Swarm Optimization for Day-Ahead Electricity Price Abstract and Applied Analysis ISSN:1085-3375 2014,(07) 1-4 SCI
7 祁鹏堂 Theoretical study of hydrogen adsorption on Ca-decorated C48B12 clusters AIP Advances ISSN:2158-3226 05(09),2015.09 1-2 SCI
8 祁鹏堂 Hydrogen storage properties of Li-decorated C24 clusters Acta Phys. Sin. ISSN:1000-3290 64(23),2015.12 1-2 SCI
9 王锦伟 On 2-Extendable Quasi-abelian Cayley Graphs
ISSN:0126-6705 2015.12 3-4 SCI
10 沈文国 Bifurcation and Nodal Solutions for the Half-Linear Problems With Nonasymptotic Nonlinearity at 0 and ∞ Discrete Dynamics in Nature and Society ISSN:1026-0226 2016(1), 2016.01 1-1 SCI
11 王志龙 Wind Energy Potential Assessment and Forecasting Research Based on the Data Pre-processing Technique and Swarm Intelligent Optimization Algorithms SUSTAINABILITY ISSN:2071-1050 2016, 8(11) 1-1 SCI
12 沈文国 Unilateral global interval bifurcation theorem for periodic p-Laplacian and its Applications Boundary Value Problems ISSN:1687-2770 2016(2), 2016.02 1-1 SCI
13 沈文国 Unilateral Global Bifurcation from Intervals for Fourth-Order Problems and Its Applications Discrete Dynamics in Nature and Society ISSN:1026-0226 2016(2), 2016.02 1-1 SCI
14 沈文国 Unilateral Global Bifurcation for Fourth-Order Problems
and Its Applications
Discrete Dynamics in Nature and Society ISSN:1026-0226 2016(7), 2016.07 1-1 SCI
15 祁鹏堂 Enhanced hydrogen adsorption on Li-coated B12C6N6 J. Chem. Phys ISSN:0021-9606 145(16)2016.01 2-6 SCI
16 沈文国 The Existence of Nodal Solutions for the Half-Quasilinear p-Laplacian Problems Journal of Mathematical Research with Applications ISSN:2095-2651 37(2),2017.02 1-1 SCI
17 张培增 The re-strengthening effect of a quenching process on the mechanical and tribological performance of electrodeposited Ni–P coatings on steel substrates Rsc Advances ISSN:2046-2069 7(41)2017.07 4-6 SCI
18 沈文国 Global Bifurcation from Intervals for the Monge-Ampère Equations and Its Applications Journal of Function Spaces ISSN:2314-8896 2018(1), 2018.01 1-1 SCI
19 沈文国 Unilateral Global Bifurcation from Intervals for Kirchhoff type problems nd its applications Commun. Pure Appl. Anal ISSN:1534-0392 17(1), 2018.01 1-1 SCI
20 沈文国 Global interval bifurcation and convex solutions for the Monge-Ampère equations Electron. J. Differ. Equ ISSN:1072-6691 2018 (2) 2018.1.10 1-1 SCI
21 曹世权 Spatio-temporally resolved spectral measurements of laser-produced plasma and
semiautomated spectral measurement-control and analysis software
Physics of Plasmas ISSN:1070-664X 25(2),2018.02 1-6 SCI
22 曹世权 Dynamics and density distribution of laser-produced plasma using optical
Physics of Plasmas ISSN:1070-664X 25(6),2018.06 1-8 SCI
23 曹世权 Dynamics and density distribution of laser-produced Al plasmas using optical interferometry and optical emission spectroscopy Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy & Radiative Transfer ISSN:0022-4073 225, 2019.03 1-8 SCI
24 曹世权 Measurement and analysis of the extreme ultraviolet emission band of laser-producedantimony plasmas Plasma Sci. Technol. ISSN:1009-0630 21(4), 2019.04 1-9 SCI
25 徐莺歌 RGO modified CoWO4 nanoparticles as new high-performance electrode materials for sodium-ion storage Ionics ISSN:0947-7047 25(2), 2019.01 5-7 SCI
26 王社军 Electrocatalysis of polysulfide conversion via sulfur–cobalt CoS2 on a carbon nanotube surface as a cathode for high-performance lithium–sulfur batteries Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry ISSN:1432-8488 23(7),2019.06 3-6 SCI
27 娟1 Kármán vortex street in a two-component Bose–Einstein condensate New Journal of Physics ISSN: 1367-2630 21(10) 2019.10 6-7 SCI
28 沈文国 Unilateral Global Interval Bifurcation for the Hessian Equation and Its Applications Discrete Dynamics in Nature and Society ISSN:1026-0226 2020, 2020(04):1- 16 1-1 SCI
29 沈文国 Nodal Solutions for Problems with Mean Curvature Operator in Minkowski Space with Nonlinearity Jumping Only at the Origin Journal of Function Spaces ISSN:2314-8896 2020, 2020(04):1- 11 1-1 SCI
30 简粤 The ground state and the tunnelling dynamics of the Bose-Einstein condensate in a tilted shallow trap Physics Letters A ISSN: 0375-9601 384:126126 2020 1-5 SCI
31 张 娟1 Localized solitary waves and their dynamical stabilities in magnetized dusty plasma Physica Scripta ISSN: 1402-4896 95(4) 2020.02 2-8 SCI
32 徐莺歌 Synthesis of polyvalent ion reaction of MoS2/CoS2-RGO anode materials for high-performance sodium-ion batteries and sodium-ion capacitors Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 0021-9797 575 2020.04 2-3 SCI
33 刘 军 An Improved Image Watermarking Algorithm and Simulation Test by using Visual Masking Model Boletin Tecnico ISSN:0376-723x 55,2017.08 1-1 EI
34 刘 军 An Optimized Image Retrieval Analysis and Recognition Tracking based on Naïve Bayesian Classification Boletin Tecnico ISSN:0376-723x 55,2017.11 1-1 EI
35 Tunnelling of the Bose-Einstein condensates in a tilted shallow trap Journal of Physics: Conference Series 17426588, 17426596 1412.2020.06 1-2 EI


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